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Can hypnotherapy help with anxiety?

Curious if hypnotherapy can really ease anxiety? Short answer: Yes! And relaxation is the secret ingredient that deepens your hypnosis experience.


Let's break it down: Ever caught yourself tensing up without realizing it? Anxiety has a knack for hijacking our bodies and minds, convincing us an issue is bigger than our ability to handle it.

Our nervous system manages two states: the ready-for-action mode (fight-flight response) and the calm and relaxed mode (resting mode). Think of it as the thermostat for your mental house:

  • Worried or stressed? It cranks up the heat—increasing heart rates, inducing short breaths, stirring butterflies in your stomach, tensing muscles, racing thoughts, or urging an escape.

  • When calm and relaxed, it dials down the heat, signalling that everything is okay, and your body returns to a restful state.

At Mindful Zen Hypnotherapy, we're all about an engaging, non-trance approach. You're not put under a spell; you actively choose to immerse yourself positively. Your involvement shapes how receptive you are during hypnosis.

Why is relaxation crucial in hypnosis?

  • Anxious thoughts scatter focus. Relaxation brings it back, making you receptive to positive suggestions.

  • In our busy lives, true relaxation is rare. Even downtime often involves screens and constant stimulation. Deep relaxation means doing the bare minimum, letting go completely, savouring those feelings.

Mastering hypnosis and relaxation is like learning to ride a bike. The more you practice, the easier it is to summon that calm feeling when you need it.


Close your eyes for a moment. Envision a life where calm replaces anxiety. Work becomes manageable, socializing feels enjoyable, and facing challenges sparks excitement.


At Mindful Zen, your journey begins with learning to relax and engaging in hypnosis in the very first session. Anyone can be hypnotized, and online sessions are just as effective.

But that's not all—we blend Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with hypnosis. While CBT equips you with skills to manage stress, hypnosis lets you practice those skills in imagined scenarios.

We're not erasing anxiety; let's be real, life happens. We're changing how you handle challenges. Life's tough, but so are you.

Ready to take charge?

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